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Established in 2020, Rolling for a Cause identifies and supports those in our Southern California community who are struggling with immediate need.

Without other avenues of assistance, RFAC beneficiaries receive micro funding to help them as they otherwise face homelessness, terminal illness, domestic harm and a variety of critical challenges.

We are honored to serve this invisible and marginalized community with a hand up, and keep them from silently falling through the cracks.

How We Fundraise 

While sponsorships and donations we receive throughout the year fund a majority of our gifting capabilities, Rolling For A Cause additionally holds a variety of annual fundraising events.

These events provide a fun opportunity for those in our community to engage in friendly competition, while playing a part in helping local fellow citizens experiencing critical and immediate need.


Bunco in the Vines
Fall 2022 Event InfoGraphic.jpeg


“Our Sunday afternoon participating in Rolling For A Cause was not only delightful, the cause is a Gift to our community "

Maggie Ochoa Goncalve


“Our family was so touched by the generosity and hope that Rolling for a Cause provided for us during a recent, overwhelming hardship. When all hope seemed lost, they reached out and filled a need that we were so grateful for. What a gift to our community. I encourage you to support them, as they support others. Thank you, for all you do!"

The Armstrong Family

“Rebirth Homes exists to combat human trafficking through education, awareness and by providing a residential, holistic healing program for survivors of human trafficking. We are almost exclusively funded by private donors and organizations like Rolling for a Cause and as such, would like to extend our gratitude to its entire team for supplying us with clothing and toiletries. We are so Thankful for Kim and this partnership and hopeful to work together in the near future. Rebirth Homes is a 501C3 and our office is located in the city of Riverside. If you would like to learn more, please email us at"


“A special thank you to our community who came together to support our #HealthcareHeroes for Nurses Week and Hospital Week! We appreciate your kindness BANG Energy, Blaze Pizza, Chick-fil-A Temecula, JD Promotions, Kenny's Strawberry Farm, Advantage Health Systems, Rolling For A Cause, Temecula Women's Business Connection, LaCroix Water, US Foods and Coca-Cola."

US Foods and Coca-Cola

“We are Joseph and Linda. Last year in 2020, because of Covid 19 and financial hardship, we moved 3 times. We are Seniors trying to live on our social security checks. Joseph was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020. We have a lot of medical expenses that we’ve had to spend more money on special health items and groceries. It was absolutely refreshing to be approached by Kimberly Ballard with the non-profit Charity, ‘Rolling for a Cause.’ Without hesitation, she approached us one day with a gift card from a grocery store that the Charity paid for,  to provide needed help with our purchases. We will always be grateful to Kimberly and ‘Rolling for a Cause’ who really met us at a great time of need."

Joseph and Linda

Help Us Make a Difference in Our Community

In times like these, I try to take a step back, even just for a moment, and think like a bee. Or a bird. Or a butterfly.

In a way, it's not really thinking as much as it's just, well...doing. Doing the next thing - however small or repetitive or miniscule in geography. These are creatures that spend their days helping their immediate environments to thrive, with small individual efforts that add up to the bigger picture of an enriched and fertile surrounding community.

Every day, within the immediate area where we live, work and play, so many are silently about to fall through the cracks. Teetering on the edge of homelessness, terminal illness and other serious life struggles, these are people you might never imagine are about to lose their footing in life.

They have a job, and maybe more than one. They have been, and want to continue to be, productive members of our local community. They may qualify for support services, only to be met with red tape and waiting lists that further water the seed of hopelessness. They could be choosing, right now, to remain in an abusive, violent and dangerous home environment because there's literally nowhere else for them to go.

This is the reality that inspired me to establish Rolling for a Cause, a 501 (c) (3) organization providing individualized micro-funding to those in our region that need - and deserve - a hand up. Whether it be a few nights' stay in a hotel, food to feed their family for a month, or financial help getting caught up on rent and utilities, RFAC gifts individuals in immediate need that are otherwise at a tipping point into poverty and/or homelessness.

I'm beyond grateful for the generosity of those who continue to support our mission of making a significant impact on the lives of individuals living, working and critically struggling beside us who would otherwise fall silently through the cracks.

While it's true that, even as a conglomerate, we may not be able to change the whole world, we absolutely, positively CAN change the world for one individual at a time.

With Warmest Regards,


Dorothy "Dot" Hawthorne

President & Founder

Meet the RFAC Team


Dot Hawthorne
Board President

Kathy Ollerdessen_v3.jpg

Kathy Ollerdessen
Event Coordinator


Kim Ballard
Board Treasurer


Jennifer Parker
Marketing Director

Terry Photo with color.jpg

Terri Rausin
Board Secretary

Volunteer placement.jpg

Volunteer Group

Give Back

Efforts stay with the community in which they're generated

Cultivate Meaning

Feel genuinely good about making a difference where you live, work and play

Make It Happen

Inspire others to help change one person's whole world

Have a Heart

Be a meaningful part of something bigger than yourself

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Rolling For A Cause - Nonprofit Organization  Tel. (951) 302-3088

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